Who We Are


‘From the fury of the Northmen deliver us, O Lord’


To help encapsulate one of histories most exciting periods, Repeating History are passionately driven to provide schools with a fantastic solution to supplement the teaching of the Vikings in the KS2 History National Curriculum. We cover all of Essex, Kent, Suffolk and London.

Providing a captivating day long workshop based in your school, the mighty Viking, Jarl Bjorn will arrive in full Viking attire and bring with him a fantastic interactive display of items, replica artifacts, crafts, clothes and weapons (all blunted of course!) to help fully immerse the children into the world of the Vikings.

Throughout the day, the children will join in numerous activities to help them understand just how different life was over 1000 years ago! They will understand the grind of daily life in a Viking home by partaking in some of the chores that were needed! Don’t worry – its not all hard work though – we will also look at how the Vikings spent some of the little spare time they got, and play some of the games that were available to them, before marching off to war and exploring and handling the weapons and armour of the time, and then finally understanding how to work as a team to form a shield wall and march off onto the battlefield.

Through a mixture of these educational activities and games we hope that pupils can truly empathise and understand the lives of people from the past. We will transform the learning experience and transport pupils back to a different age.

Let Repeating History help you to make history fun!

COMING SOON –  Roman and Greek workshops!

12074488 - various viking war helmets