A Sample Workshop

Here is a sample workshop, in this case Viking, explaining how one of our days is typically presented.


We arrive super early, and get set up. Use of a school hall for the day is best. Although we understand that the hall may need to be in use some of the day for lunchtime etc. We plan our day around what works for you.

Our Viking, Jarl Bjørn Liefsson, gives an introduction to the exciting world of the Viking age.

It’s all about image – A chance to see what the Vikings wore, what jewellery they had. 

Get in character – The children have the chance to put on a Viking tunic, and choose an authentic Viking name, before learning how to write their name using Viking runes. Maybe even choose a nickname! 

Life ain’t easy – The children choose jobs as we help them understand each persons role within a Viking age family. We look at some everyday household Viking objects. Also we discover just how hard life was in Viking times as we grind grain for flour.

Pigs knuckles anyone? We look at how the Vikings used what little spare time they had and what games they played.

Lets go raiding – A chance to learn and see how the Vikings were able to navigate and use their long ships to cross the ocean and raid other countries.

What’s for dinner? The children split into 2 teams and attempt to guess which items from the food display the Vikings would have had.

Lunch break.



Bjorn, our Viking!


Prepare for battle: The children can get hands on with some of the fearsome weapons of the Viking age to understand just how brutal life was over 1000 years ago.

What do we know? The children split into their teams again to take on a multiple choice quiz on the topics covered so far.

Form the shield wall! The ultimate chance to learn the value of team work as the children pick up shields and train like warriors to operate effectively in a shield wall. Following commands and shouting battle cries! This could get noisy!

Last chance for questions – The children get the chance to ask questions on the Viking age.

Bjørn says farewell and prepares to sail off in search of more adventure, but not without an opportunity for photos for the school newsletter etc!