Any Questions?

1. What does a typical school workshop visit include? 

Hosted by a Warrior in authentic dress with extensive knowledge of the Viking & Anglo Saxon age….we form a shield wall and charge with spears and shields, grind grain into flour, try on  clothing, guess the real foods of the period, touch and feel replica weaponry and armour, pick an authentic name and job and learn to write in runes, play  strategy boards games plus learn lots of fun facts in our end of day quiz.

We provide you with a specific timed schedule for your visit a week prior to the event.

We generally follow a general overview of the times, but do ask if you would rather we focus on a specific area of study.

2. What group sizes do you cater for?

We really are quite flexible. Our typical workshops are 2 classes of 30. However, we can accommodate up to 90 children in 1 day and have booked an entire school over a 2 day workshop event.

3. Are you happy for schools to take photos, video or audio if appropriate? 

Yes, absolutely. We also may take some photographs for marketing purposes. Let us know if this is an issue.

4. Are your team CRB/DBS checked for attending schools etc?

Yes, and please ask for a copy for your visitor.

5. Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, for £5m. Please ask for a copy.

7. Is specific clothing required for when you visit?

No, but we always recommend that schools take advantage and organise a dressing up day. Often it can be a great lead up to the event for the children to make cardboard shields, helmets and swords in class, in advance of the day.

We also provide various replica clothing for children to try on during the day.

8. Where geographically will you visit? 

We are based in the South East but we cover the whole of England, without charging astronomical travelling costs.  We charge a fixed fee including mileage dependent on where about you are. Get in touch for details.

9. Where will you hold the visit within the school

Please ensure a suitable sized space such as a school hall, gym or dining room is booked. Please ensure this is booked well in advance.

10. Do we need anything set up in the hall?

We will bring everything along. The only thing that is helpful to have provided are crash mats that you may use for PE lessons, which is useful for one of our games. We ask that we can arrive 1 hour before you would like your visit to take place.

11. Will you cover specific elements as recommended by the Curriculum?

We tend to follow a specific schedule during the day, introducing various elements of the Vikings and their impact on our history. We can certainly add in anything to the day’s schedule if requested.

12. Do we need to be present during the workshop?

Yes, we need teachers to be present throughout the day. It is also great if you can get involved. We promise not to give you too much of an embarrassing Viking name!

13. Will you provide a risk assessment?

Yes, please ask for a copy if required.

14. What do you bring with you?

Swords, shield, spears. helmets, axes, chain mail…. along with bowls, spoons, a cooking pot, a quern milling stone, strategy board games, drinking horns, jewellery, clothing, shoes, coins PLUS LOTS MORE. We are constantly updating and adding to our displays!

We also bring 30 child safe spears and shields for our shield wall battle event!