Repeating History Limited provide interactive Viking and Anglo Saxon school workshops for KS2 groups.

We provide interactive hands on learning, with lots of various activities.


Each visit is hosted by a Warrior in full dress of the period, who brings with them a multitude of replica artefacts, replica weaponry and clothing with us, to re-create a home of the period in your own school.


During the day, through our various sessions we delve into all aspects of Viking and Anglo Saxon life including home life, religion, work, battle, trade, food, language and geography.


Whether this is an introduction to the topics, or the children are quite knowledgeable already, we produce a hands on day in your school hall that will add to the enthusiasm and learning of the subject. Plus, we have lots of fun, of course! 

Some of our activities… 

• Grind grain to make flour • Try on authentic copies of helmets, clothes and jewellery • Take the chainmail lifting challenge! • Pick out the real foods of the time from our food display • Learn to write in runes • Play dice games, stick wrestling and hnefatafl • Choose a name and occupation of the time • Form up into a shield wall with shields and spears and follow battle commands